Bye 2017 + Hello 2018!




Hello Family and Friends!

I can't believe it is almost 2018! Where did 2017 go? My goodness, I have spent most of it in survival mode, to be honest. It has been a whirlwind. From wanting to do something philanthropic with a marriage of fashion to actually having my first prototypes!!! WHAT!? (I know what you are asking, is she still WORKING? What is she doing? Fashion? Social Impact? ) Well, let me tell you that 2017 was an AMAZING year and I presented my pitch deck and the response was so positive.
The mission of NUBIA NATALIE is to champion artisans art work by collaborating with an activewear line: Activewear with a social impact.
This year I started the process to opening the doors to what has become my passion, I started my Instagram account- Can you believe it? In just 6 short months after the Mexico trip we have a sample! I am working with Huichol Art and incorporating their art into 3 activewear designs.

I remember working on my deck a year ago to signing the collaboration in June to meeting new people and cutting ties with others that didn’t fit the brand. As much success as I had in my previous business (dry cleaners/tuxedo rental), designing a line, starting an e-commerce business, creating a "brand", getting clear on my message, joining the world of social media, and building an email list all felt soooo foreign to me.

But what I did know is that I had gifts to offer and that is why I started NUBIA NATALIE: An activewear brand with a social impact.

I remember clearly writing a letter to myself in February that I was going to be the voice of a solution. I just knew and felt that artisans had something to say and continue their traditions.

I have big dreams of creating a brand for people to feel inspired and encouraged. I had so many questions on starting my business and honestly, as much as I knew I had something to offer, I was really scared! Thankfully I have the support of my family - dad and sister, who have really encouraged me.

The truth is, what I found was that working on my own business has forced me to dive deep in both my own inner personal development work (courage, compassion and connection mindset, letting go of my limiting beliefs, etc) AND creating a clear structure and systems for my business, is that it was a combination of doing both the inner AND the outer work. 

Regardless of what the end result may be I know that the journey for this brand is important and is bigger than me. 

My goal for 2018, is to launch NUBIA NATALIE, PLAY BIGGER and MAKE A BIGGER IMPACT with what I already have inside.

The 2018 Calendar year is planned and I cannot wait to share it with all of you! Let's create change together this year.
Cheers to a New Year, thank you for reading and for being on this journey!

Good Vibes Always Y Hasta Pronto.