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All Nubia Natalie products are guaranteed for one year against manufacturing and workmanship defects. If you have a problem with your product, please email support@nubianatalie.co so we can begin working to repair the item or exchange it for the same or similar product. If you are unsure if you have a defect in your merchandise, please contact us immediately.



Thank you for pre-ordering! Pre-ordering guarantees you’ll find the item you want in the size you need and helps us work in the most efficient way possible. Items are pre-ordered 12 weeks ahead unless otherwise stated. As soon as the inventory arrives to our distributing center, your order will be fulfilled and shipped. If there is any delay in production you’ll hear from our team immediately.


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For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal.


The NN Difference - Why Buy From Nubia Natalie

 When you purchase from Nubia Natalie you’re supporting a woman-owned small business dedicated to celebrating artisans around the world, empowering women in all walks of life, and helping the environment.

Everywhere throughout our brand, women are championed. We believe physical activity nurtures a woman’s body, mind, and spirit and we want to be with you every step of the way. These products are created by women for women, from the original embroidery pattern from the Huichol women to the head of our brand, Natalie Arribeno.  Our unique products are made with sustainability in mind, using eco-friendly fabrics and printing processes to minimize waste. The connection between activity and the environment is one the Huichol people know well; this indigenous tribe in Sierra Madre inspires us to maintain a strong relationship between the earth, ourselves, and taking pride in making beautifully crafted products. We honor the Huichol people by sharing their artwork and their story with the world, and donating back to The Huichol School.



 The Huichol people, living in the rugged mountain ranges of the Sierra Madre, are taught to respect the environment and treat it with the utmost care. This is something the Nubia Natalie brand considers in each step of the process. Water is a vital resource to the Huichol people, Los Angelenos, and beyond. Our sustainability efforts include using fabric made from recycled water bottles, eco-friendly digital and sublimation printing, and local manufacturers to reduce transportation costs. We strive to make products you can feel good about buying.

More on fabric: Each product from Nubia Natalie is printed on 86% REPREVE Recycled Polyester and 14% Spandex. The moisture-wicking fabric blocks 97.5%- 98% of UVA and UVB Rays. Not only does this fabric prevent thousands of extra water bottles from ending up in a landfill, but it also reduces additional energy from being used. REPREVE fabric emits fewer greenhouse gases and reduces water and energy compared to making “virgin” fiber.

More on printing: Nubia Natalie products are printing using a sublimation printing process. This process involves printing designs onto a high-absorption paper, which is then transferred to the fabric using a heat press. No dye enters the water system using this method, which happens with many traditional dyeing processes. The same sublimation print can be used on multiple pieces of fabric, further reducing waste. Our eco-friendly printer uses non toxic inks and renewable energy. Due to the type of printing, small variations do occur making each garment unique compared to more traditional mass printing processes.

More on final production: The last step of the Nubia Natalie creation process takes place in Downtown LA at a small local manufacturer. Once printing is completed, the fabric is brought here to be cut and sewn. Nubia Natalie proudly supports small businesses throughout Los Angeles whenever possible.


Forms of Payment

For your convenience, we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal.



At Nubia Natalie, we believe beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we do our best to make sure our products do, too. Our activewear is available from XS all the way through XL. To find your best fit, we recommend using our size guide. If you think you fall between sizes, we recommend going up a size.



Each Nubia Natalie product is carefully constructed to be a beautiful, functional, and durable piece of activewear. To ensure your products stand the test of time, we encourage you to wash them by hand and lay flat to dry.